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Our Craftsmanship

The art of making fine chocolate requires as much skill and talent as gourmet cooking or pastry. At Arcay Chocolates, we specialize in chocolate confections, meaning that we work with the finest single origin chocolate to make bonbons, truffles, spreads, and desserts. Crafting chocolate confections requires careful attention to each nuance of the product. Vast experience with chocolate has positioned Arcay Chocolates as one of the premier collections of bonbons and truffles in the world.

Our Process

Step 1

We hand paint our chocolate molds with colorful designs and motifs to identify each flavor.

Step 2

Afterwards we pour tempered chocolate over the molds to create the bonbon’s chocolate shell.

Step 3

Each bonbon is then filled with our award-winning ganaches, confitures, and spreads which we make from scratch at our chocolate studio.

Step 4

Once we fill the chocolate molds, we seal them with tempered chocolate. They are then refrigerated until the bonbons have hardened.

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